Lowongan Teknisi Toko-PT Everbesindo Surya Jaya

    Teknisi Toko-PT Everbesindo Surya Jaya

    Tangerang (Banten) | Ditayangkan: 13-January-2020 | Tutup pada 09-February-2020

    The Everbest Group has been designing, making and selling shoes for over 30 years. Today, our shoes are sold primarily across South East Asia, but are also found in countries as widespread as the UK, Mauritius and Australia.
    The Group's brand portfolio includes Everbest for men and women, evb* for women and Tracce for women and children.

    Job Description(s) :
    -       Mengerti kelistrikan untuk skala toko (luas 100-150m2)
    -       Mengerti jenis2 lampu dan instalasi listrik (jenis kabel dan lain-lain)
    -       Bisa melakukan pekerjaan dan perbaikan lampu dan instalasi listrik
    -       Mengerti jenis2 material furniture dan finishingnya
    -       Bisa melakukan perbaikan minor untuk furniture
    -       Bersedia melakukan kerja malam
    -       Bisa melakukan pencarian barang dan material terkait project


    Everbest has an extensive retail presence in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia with over 40 self-managed stores and over 50 department store concessions. Our corporate culture is dynamic, creative, and innovative as well as providing an opportunity for you to develop a career with us.

    ALAMAT : PT Everbesindo Surya Jaya
    Everbest Tower, Cengkareng Business City Tower M (Jalan Atang Sanjaya no 21). Benda-Tangerang

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