4 mistakes you’re making when working from home

Professionals who were already used to telecommuting (freelancers, for example) have their own tricks and routines to get through the workday and be more productive when working from home. But what about employees who are telecommuting for the first time? What are the mistakes they could be making ?

Work from bed

It’s winter, you just woke up, it’s cold out there and you want to work from bed, in your pajamas and wrapped up in your warmest duvet. Tempting, right? Well no: is not the most appropriate.

Although not all of us are lucky enough to have a office or a specific room to work remotely -which would be the ideal- we can enable a workspace in the kitchen, the living room or any place in the house that has good lighting and is moderately quiet.

And it is that working from the bed or the sofa is not only negative at a postural level -bending over the laptop can damage your neck and back- it is also negative for the purpose productivity .

Not having a pre-established schedule with their corresponding breaks

Although some employers are suspicious of the idea that the worker may be distracted and lose time if he works from home, the truth is that the exact opposite happens most of the time: teleworkers put in extra hours because they don’t know how to limit their working hours .

The same happens with rest times , so necessary to reset the brain and return to work with more energy . Normally, when we work in the office we usually take the occasional lunch break, have a coffee with our roommates or smoke a cigarette at the door. Why should this be any different when working from home?

Ok, we won’t be with our co-workers, but we can rest in other ways: taking a walk to stretch our legs, reading the press or simply talking to people who live with us .

Do not disconnect from work at the end of your day

This point is an extension of the previous one. As a rule, when we work in the office, it is much easier to change the chip: you finish your day, you check out and go home . But what happens when you live your life in the same space and sleep, eat and work in the same place ? That sometimes it is very difficult to disconnect digitally.

Don’t put a stop to unnecessary interruptions

Either because we don’t feel like saying no or because we don’t like confrontation, sometimes we tend to run the errands that our family or roommate asks of us (put a washing machine, do the shopping, take a call after work, be aware of the delivery man, etc.) for the simple fact of being at home .

However, this cannot be the norm: your family and your roommates must understand that you are working and cannot be interrupted unless there is an emergency. They should treat you as if you were in the office .

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