How to be a good telework partner?

Measures for social distancing, the introduction of remote work in companies, the sense of isolation that this can entail, mental health problems associated with teleworking … Faced with this scenario – so new and even hostile to many workers – being a good telework partner becomes paramount. Productivity, results and achieved goals are also important, of course but none of these three factors would be possible without the human component. So, here are some tips for becoming a good digital co-worker.

Cómo realizar una entrevista de trabajo por videoconferencia

Gives constructive feedbacks

Although this point is the basis of teamwork (either from home or in the office) it is worth emphasizing. To give good feedback at work we must find the middle ground between positivity (the positive points of someone else’s work) and criticism (the aspects to improve or correct in the work of our partner).

When we only point out the negative factors and ignore the positive (something that can be very pounding, especially when we work from home without the presence of our colleagues) We are not giving constructive feedback, but a biased opinion.

Be clear and direct to avoid misunderstandings

Another point that should be clear in our daily lives, but which is becoming increasingly important when we work at home and communicate via email, is social media. Sometimes when we are NOT working face-to-face, many of the details of good communication can be lost. So make sure that all your messages are clear.

Try to put everything in writing

Even if you organize virtual meetings from time to time, the best thing you can do is take notes on the most relevant aspects of the meeting. The same happens when you distribute the task to each other, or you delegate certain tasks to other colleagues. No matter how much you have spoken on the phone or by video call, be sure to put it in writing so that there is no doubt about what was spoken.

Have video calls with your coworkers …

… both to get up to date at work and to have trivial conversations between you. Seriously: both are very important to get through your day to day in the best possible way.

Whenever the pace of work allows it – you may have a deadline adjusted, and you should get to the point from the first moment – a simple “How are you?” Can make a difference. A trivial conversation to break the ice and warm up the atmosphere before tackling strictly professional matters will improve your working relationship in the distance.

Report the project delivery or completion dates

Although this is also a very important tip when working in the office, when doing it from home it is necessary to make it clear when to deliver X project . It is possible that in our house we have more distractions than when we work from the office, so know the delivery date of a project from minute 1 in which we start working will allow us to anticipate possible unforeseen events.

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