How to be a good telework partner?

Measures for social distancing, the introduction of remote work in companies, the sense of isolation that this can entail, mental health problems associated with teleworking … Faced with this scenario – so new and even hostile to many workers – being a good telework partner…

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How can I prepare for the interview?

You should always look forward to an invitation to an interview. Your documents made a good impression and now you have the chance to convince in an interview. In order for this to work, you should prepare the interview. It’s a difficult situation, you are…

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4 mistakes you’re making when working from home

Professionals who were already used to telecommuting (freelancers, for example) have their own tricks and routines to get through the workday and be more productive when working from home. But what about employees who are telecommuting for the first time? What are the mistakes they…

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