How to apply the STAR Method in your next job interview

Although you can get a fairly rough idea of ​​what is asked in a job interview, this preparation exercise is useless if at the moment of truth you do not structure your answers properly. We are aware that it can be difficult to put together a good speech in the interview – nerves can play tricks on us – and that is why we want to tell you about the START method in the job interview a technique that will help you respond adequately to the questions they ask you in the interview (especially those that are formulated to know how you would behave in X situation in the work environment ).

Consejos para preparar una entrevista de trabajo en inglés

What is the STAR Method?

Recruiters are interested in evaluating your behavior and attitude to X situations that may occur in the workplace. Therefore, it is normal for them to ask questions such as: ” Have you ever (…) in your previous jobs?” or “How would you solve this problem in your workplace?”. Likewise, they can also formulate assumptions such as “Describe a work situation in which you had to …”.

ALL these questions / statements have something in common: see how you would handle X situation that the recruiter considers important (either because it is a frequent situation in the job offered or because the recruiter can extract very valuable information about you through this question).

Now is the time to structure your answers in the job interview. For this we are going to use the SMART method , whose acronym means.

What problem did you have to solve?

The first letter of SMART refers to the situation (problem) that you had to solve at some point in your career. Here we try to describe in detail the reason for this problem and what it meant for the company.

What was my responsibility as an employee?

Starting from the previous assumption, what was expected of you as a worker? Was it in your power to solve the problem? What were your roles and goals for this situation?

What did I do to fix the problem?

At this point you must explain what you did to solve the problem; the actions or strategies you put in place to get the situation back on track. The best thing you can do at this point is list the steps you took to fix the problem.

What result did I get when solving the problem?

Once the problem is solved, you will have to take stock of the situation and provide the results and figures (percentages, amounts, etc.) that you achieved.

When can you use the STAR Method in the job interview?

Although the SMART method was initially formulated as a recruiters technique , you too can take it to your field without having to wait for a green light from the person you interviewed. Even so, if the recruiter asks you the questions we have mentioned below ( Have you ever … in your previous jobs? / How would you solve this problem in your position of job? ) you will have the perfect opportunity to apply the STAR Method in the job interview .

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