How to write the perfect resume

We’ve landed in 2021, and the job prospects are still questionable. Remote selection processes, job interviews with a mask or by video call, incorporation to companies that are teleworking, etc. This is why, although the most basic rules for writing a CV remain in force (conciseness, brevity, adaptation of the curriculum to each job position, etc.) there are a series of changes that have emerged in the heat of this context that you must incorporate into your curriculum. So, what are the rules for doing a resume in 2021 ? We explain them below.

Although you think that almost everyone has knowledge of social networks, for example, do not ignore this detail on your resume. If you are lucky, in the job interview they will ask you directly about this question, and you will be able to answer that you have experience in networks. But what happens if the recruiter automatically discards your candidacy because there is no “Social Media Knowledge” ? Which will be a shame because you have missed a good opportunity.

Link your social networks in the CV (but not before taking care of your online presence)

Did you know that it is increasingly common for recruiters to check social media before hiring you? So if you use a social network as a portfolio, it’s convenient that you link them directly to your resume. Of course: make sure you give a good image in each of your networks and, just in case, privatize the social profiles you use for your personal sphere.

Make a CV focused on results

If throughout your professional career you have achieved an achievement that is worth mentioning to prioritize it on your resume. Over the years companies prioritize what you can contribute as a professional with objective data beyond the endless list of tasks you have performed.

Emphasize your adaptation to change

Adapting to change is one of the most valuable personal skills in times of crisis. Logical, right? For almost a year we have lived in great uncertainty at work, personal and health, so being able to adapt and provide solutions in a changing environment where nothing is assured becomes a plus for recruiters. Feel free to include this Soft Skill in the skills section of your resume.

Do not present your professional career with the name of the company, but with the job you performed

Until now, it was quite common for each professional experience to be headed with the name of the company and, just below, the job title held. I repeat: until now.

Now it is much more important that you prioritize the job you have held before the name of the company you have worked for . That is, instead of putting “Hermanos González Law Firm” you will add as a title “Labor Lawyer at Hermanos González Law Firm”.

Hobbies are welcome

While many advocate the inclusion of hobbies and hobbies in the curriculum, we believe that it is much more useful to use the limited space of a resume to indicate your area of languages, computer programs, or specific skills, rather than saying that you like to read, play sports, or go to the movies.

Since it is very difficult to find a hobby that surprises recruiters, it is better to take the opportunity to give other information that may be interesting. Regardless of whether you have previous experience or not, there is certainly a competence, a language or a computer program that you master in some way.

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